3 ways Reading in your spare time can help you feel Luxe.

One of the many luxuries of living a luxe life include lounging around in a silk robe on your amazingly plush couch, tea or coffee (I prefer coffee) at your side, and a good book or the kindle app in hand. I personally use both my kindle and books but use what appeals to you. I won’t go into this long rant as to why paperback/hardcover books are better, I just want to incite a love of reading in others. Lets take a look at my 5 reasons why reading in your free time can inspire you to live a luxe life!

Reason 1: Reading for leisure is a form of self-care. Yes, self care is the act of taking time to take care of you guessed it; yourself! Leisure reading allows you to relax and delve into a world far from the real one. You can be swept away with a romance novel, become a detective in a mystery, level up as a girl boss with a self-help book, or strengthen those brain cells with a good sci-fi read. Whatever your style, you’re sure to unwind and de-stress.

Reason 2: Because reading builds your intelligence. Not only will you be beautiful on the outside, but also a bomb beauty on the inside (that beautiful brain). Tell me, whats better than being beautiful, intelligent, and living a luxe life?

Reason 3: Reading helps you make friends. Want to make friends who are as luxe as you are? Join a book club! You’ll connect with other luxe individuals who have the same taste in books as you! You could even start your own book club and invite others to join and you all could be luxe together.


Anything I missed? Please Assist ♥

With Luxe&Love,



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